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The growing platform community where you will find like-minded souls and colleagues worldwide. Subscribe to our platform and web hosting service, and get a website for only €45,-

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We've made a one-page portfolio website template so easy to adjust, your website can be online in a day! With the platform subscription you can meet creative minds like yourself, to built out your company, meet travelers or share workspaces.

The platform brings you the chance to connect, find and share jobs, templates for all your legal documents, a travel coach program and expanding options every day.

As being digital nomads ourselves we find it important to reduce our carbon footprint. When we travel and work online we use elektricity and gasoline and are conscious about that. To reduce we offer a eco-friendly hosting package, so your website is connected to One-Tree-Planted and the elektricity used for the servers is returned back. With this platform we want to start a fund to give back to the earth.

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Find jobs, courses, your start-up coach, document templates, fitting social media groups, colleagues, clients and inspiration

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Graphic Design

Original logo designs, favicons, custom webdesign, business cards and more from our design expert

Travel coach

To encourage and inspire you to dare and take the step to go and travel the world


Connect with other digital nomads to work together, share tools, knowledge and jobs


Our specialist is ready for exploring your website, populair keywords and making adjustments

Start up course

Free start up course to help you launch your online company and services, learn how


The best tips, tricks and practices which show you how to start, continu and reach your destination online


Didi you find a proper digital nomad location? share it with the others and find it yourself

web developing

The all-in-one eco-friendly hosting and WordPress package to start your website today

Travel together

Share travel- work- and sleeping costs with equals to travel safe and save money

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One-time cost website: €45,-

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One-time cost website: €45,-

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It's amazing how easy it is to find co-digital nomads for projects together in this platform. I built my own website with the template within a day and started receiving orders immediatly.
Diane Williams

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created by digital nomads for the love of the lifestyle. To encourage you to break free and become financially independant.

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